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In the latter half of the 19th Century there was a surge of immigration from the Lowlands of Germany (East Frisland) and Holland. These people shared a common culture and basic language (Plattdeutsch), and they professed a strong Christian faith based on the Protestant Reformation and the teachings of the reformist Hendrick de Cock.
Their initial settlements were in the eponymous German Valley, Illinois, and the Iowa communities of Pella and Grundy County. My ancestors got their American start in German Valley.

There are many aspects of our family history covered on this site, including basic genealogy and interactive family trees. Additionally, you will find materials on culture, faith, language, movements, settlements, and current events and accomplishments of family members.

This site is in the midst of a major update. All of the materials should be considered "beta", and subject to further updating or improvement. If you note anything on the pages that should be corrected, please let me know.


David W. Eckhoff